I've assembled some of my own early songs here. Most of my songs are unfinished and will probably remain so, but most of these here are finished. It's pitty, that I dont't nowadays time to compose any more, but I hope some day I will able to continue with better soundsystems and samples.

Please note that most of these songs have been encoded with very low bitrate (48kbs) and in mono to save space.


Song (mp3) Description Year Soundsystem Samples
Tango 2000 Modern tango. Most recent. 1999 Midi, Gravis PnP and Yamaha SW60xg -soundcards, Steinberg MusicStation -midisequencer. Keyboard. Own Gravis PnP Orchestral Upgrade Bank -samplelibrary and some sounds from Yamaha SW60xg -soundcard.


Feelings The first one. 1992 ScreamTracker and Gus Classic ?
Mosso Simple melody, easy to remember. Originally a joke aboout old eurovision song contest -style. 1996 FastTracker II and Gus Classic Sampled from GoldStar -keyboard.
PTV Inspired by early traditional keyboard-music. 1997 FastTracker II and Gus Classic Sampled from GoldStar -keyboard.